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Yoni Bas F.A.Qs

What is Boric Acid? 
Boric Acid is an acidic mineral that has been used in natural and homeopathic remedies to treat certain types of fungi and bacteria because of its antiseptic properties. Popularly used to treat vaginal conditions, and promote an acidic environment where good healthy bacteria flourish. When used it kills the infection/bacteria without affecting the natural flora. Boric Acid treats, heals and eliminates ALL yoni infections while rejuvenating yoni tissue that are self cleaning/lubricating, promoting good bacteria growth, a moister yoni, balanced pH zero odor and no pain or irritation, etc! 
How can Boric Acid support good vaginal health?
Lactobacillus, the bacteria located in a healthy vulva and vagina flourish in acidic conditions. When ones vagina becomes to alkaline, even just a little, infections/bacteria can take over. This can occur from vaginal yeast infections, medications, sexual intercourse, antibiotics, diet and wrong material worn in undergarments. These bacteria cause infections and odor/yeast and an alkaline environment for them to thrive in. Boric Acid kills the bacteria/infection, discomfort and helps to restore a healthy pH balance. To sum it up, Acidic environment is good, Alkaline environment is bad and more than likely will cause issues.
How to use Yoni Bas? 
With clean hands insert ( one ) suppository with one of our Yoni Bas Wands for 7 days at bedtime for current yoni infection/issue you're experiencing, if condition/infection persist continue for up to another 7 days nightly ( *for current yoni infections you must do an initial cleanse for 7-14 days, to ensure infection is treated ). Yoni Bas is recommended to be used at bedtime with a panty liner as while the cleansing magic is taking place a temporary increase/release of lubrication/discharge will follow after each insertion the proceeding morning after, creating a mild flush of fluid. This fluid should mimic and be watery in color and nature ( watery, clear, odorless fluid indicates no infection is present ), if results are not of this nature, another cleanse is needed as there may still be an infection/bad bacteria presentIn the event you are not experiencing an current infection/issue and are wanting to do quick-zero downtime yoni maintenance (*see Yoni Bas Benefits area for what qualifies as yoni maintenance on product page ) insert ( one ) Yoni Bas suppository with our Yoni Bas Wand for a single night use at bedtime, some weekly, or monthly to restore/maintain an balanced pH, moist and tighter, odorless and infections free yoni.
Safety Information
Not For Oral Consumption.
Legal Disclaimer
This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.