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Blue Vervain

Blue Vervain

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*Mar Rose Raffine’s herbs come in 8oz (1/2pd) quarantines for our medicinal herbs is to be measured in tablespoon spoon quantities, as this is the amount that should be consumed for each dosage of medicinal herbs whether preparing a decoction or infusion for consumption. Our herbs have 16 servings per 8oz containers. Only one ( 1 ) tablespoon should be used of dried medicinal herbs per serving to 8oz of spring water


Blue Vervain   " Verbena Spp "

Happy, Calming, Energy Boosting/PMS Relief/Increases Milk Production/Lactation Inducing Herb

Origin:  Bulgaria

Plant part used: Leaves, flowering heads

Processing: Cut & Sifted 

Agriculture: Wild Crafted  

Appearance and AromaHerby with green and brown flecks and a grass-like aroma

Flavor ProfileVery bitter. Blend with other herbs in teas to improve taste

Key Benefits

Treats menstrual cramps, hot flashes, increases milk production in women breastfeeding, improves and balances mood, relieves stress and anxiety, stops restlessness and boost the immune system

Has diuretic, antimalarial, anti-inflammatory antimicrobial properties, relaxes muscle spasms around kidney stones and can be used as a flushing treatment 

Used as a tonic to menstrual cramps, or infusion tea. As well as used naturally as an emmenagogue the increase milk production in women that are breastfeeding 

Primarily used as a herb to treat nervous disorders including stress, anxiety and restlessness

Traditionally used for treatment of colds, coughs affecting the respiratory organs

Smokeable herb, promotes spiritual connection, love energy and calmness, when paired with Mugwort, Mullein, Blue Vervain, Yarrow, can produce a moderate high and deep vivid thinking. 



Pregnant women should not consume this herb. May increase the effects of diuretics. 



We recommend using Blue Vervain paired with Damiana Leaf to infuse and get a perfect pair of medicinal herbs and both of their benefits from its medicinal properties, working together. Great herb to use in a herbal mixture for yoni steaming. Smokeable herb, promotes spiritual connection, love  energy and calmness, when paired with Mugwort, Mullein, Blue Vervain, Yarrow, can produce a moderate high and deep vivid thinking. 

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