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*Mar Rose Raffine’s herbs come in 8oz (1/2pd) quarantines for our medicinal herbs is to be measured in tablespoon spoon quantities, as this is the amount that should be consumed for each dosage of medicinal herbs whether preparing a decoction or infusion for consumption. Our herbs have 16 servings per 8oz containers. Only one ( 1 ) tablespoon should be used of dried medicinal herbs per serving to 8oz of spring water

Hibiscus " Hibiscus Sabdariffa " -  Anti-Aging, Immune Support, Hormonal Support


Plant part used: Flower

Processing: Cut & Sifted/ Whole 

Agriculture: Wildcrafted 

Appearance and Aroma: Deep crimson 

Flavor Profile: Bitter Sweet 


Key Benefits

Anti-cancer properties while being high in polyphenols which possess powerful anti-cancer properties

Rich in antioxidants, highly nutritious in Vitamin C, increases skin elasticity, natural youth appearance to skin , one of the most powerful active anti-aging plant by inhibiting the activity of the enzyme elastase which is responsible for the break down of elastin in skin, enhancing the ability of the skin being able to retain moisture

Lowers blood pressure, anti-inflammatory 

Natural source of hydroxycitric acid, chemical found in many weight loss formulas, also naturally containing ascorbic acid and chromium (obesity fighting properties) 

Lowers blood fat levels ( contributor to heart disease)

Boost and promotes proper liver health by increasing detoxifying enzymes, aids in fighting bacterial infections 

Regulates hormones that impact menstruation, encourages the onset of menstruation by encouraging blood flow to the uterus, regulate/balance menstruation irregularities, supports ovary health, reduces menstrual cramps ( *effects seen when used in yoni steam )




Pregnant women should not consume this herb till after childbirth and breast feeding this herb can induce onset of menstruation, labor and/or miscarriage . Moderate consumption if taking high blood pressure medicine. 



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