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Chaparral Leaf

Chaparral Leaf

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*Mar Rose Raffine’s herbs come in 8oz (1/2pd) quarantines for our medicinal herbs is to be measured in tablespoon spoon quantities, as this is the amount that should be consumed for each dosage of medicinal herbs whether preparing a decoction or infusion for consumption. Our herbs have 16 servings per 8oz containers. Only one ( 1 ) tablespoon should be used of dried medicinal herbs per serving to 8oz of spring water


Chaparral Leaf " Larrea Tridentata "

Origin: Mexico 

Plant part used: Leaf Stem

Processing: Cut & Sifted 

Agriculture: Naturally Farmed

Appearance and AromaDull green with a pungent aroma

Flavor Profile: Very bitter and astringent tasting


Key Benefits

Antiviral, Anti-cancer, anti-tumor, antibacterial, antiulcerogenic and anti-inflammatory properties

Kills parasites/parasite infections, addresses std issues, eczema, psoriasis, respiratory issues, colds and bronchitis, aids in treating urinary tract infections

Cleanses the blood, hpv support for women when used as a douche 



This herb is not for the use of individuals with poor kidney function/kidney disease liver disease or liver issues, if taking medications please consult your physician before consuming. Pregnant and breast feeding women should not consume this herb. This herb can cause damage if not taken in the proper dosages, this herb should be taken in small amounts.