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Wildcrafted Organic Grape seed Oil hexan free
Wildcrafted Organic Grape seed Oil hexan free
Wildcrafted Organic Grape seed Oil hexan free

H.B.B. Moisture & Growth Oil

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Hair • Body • Beard

: Organic Wild Crafted Grapeseed Oil (Hexane Free) 

The PERFECT oil for All Hair Types especially Natural Hair, Body, Natural Hair, Men’s Beards and facial hair, Locs, Children Coils and Kinks, Relaxed Hair, Color Treated Hair, Shedding/ Hair Loss, to heal Scalp Irritations/ Sensitivities, Seborrheic Dermatitis and Dandruff, Severely Damaged Hair. 

Sizes: 2 oz (Sample) $3.99, 4 oz $6.99, 6 oz $11.99

Owner of Mar Rose Raffiné, Jazmyn Howard has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2009 and has always had a passion for healthy hair and skin with taking her talents more to the natural side of beauty/hair industry she began on a quest of trying to find the perfect natural, light, moisturizing, multi-targeting, multi-use oil to suit many issues she saw clients, family, friends as well as other experiencing with no progress.

Long story short.. we didn’t find it, so we decided to curate our very own!

No frangrances, dyes or fluff ingredients! We get our Wild Crafted Grapeseed Oil straight from the source to ensure its natural organic properties are untouched and pure and viciously potent!

 We are proud to introduce to you our H.B.B. Hair • Body • Beard Moisture & Growth Oil which is Wild Crafted Grapeseed Oil ( hexane free ) is an potent, antioxidant rich oil thats ideal for moisturizing and conditioning dry hair, body and beards and won't leave you feeling greasy while promoting hair growth and stopping hair loss/ shedding in its tracks! It is odorless, so it won't leave a lingering scent or irritate the most sensitive of scalps and skin types. Our oil also acts as a NATURAL effective dandruff treatment as well as heals scalp sensitivities and skin issues.

Our Wild Crafted Grapeseed Oil helps to lock in moisture, instantly softens hair, body, and facial hair, add strength, restores moisture to the scalp body and coils, prevents frizz, aids in detangling hair creating great slip that melts tangles as well as heavy product (this is perfect for scalp care during protective styles and braids also cut down detangling sessions to half the time), prevents split ends, prevents dry skin, dull and dry beards/facial hair and prevents brittle/dry hair while improving all three in health, appearance and feel while increasing the shine and vitality of your strands.

How to Use 

For Hair Care always apply a small quarter size amount per section, gauge upon thinkness and length, a little goes a long way. Ideal for Pre-Poo, Daily Moisturizer/ Growth Stimulant,  Hot Oil Treatment, Detangler ( amply apply to hair in sections, fully coat strands from root to tip, let sit for 1 minute, proceed to detangle) Scalp Care during protective styles.  

For Body Care apply as needed, perfect non greasy feel while giving your skin a radiant glow while supplying your largest organ with needed antioxidants and protectants. Great to soften feet, elbows, knees and dry skin over all, heals body scars and skin issues. 

For Beard &Facial Hair Use, apply 3-4 drops in your hands, rub hands together and rack/coat and work in oil, beard will have immense shine, feel moisturized and soft while getting amazing properties that aid in protection, growth, healing skin sensitivities providing a light feel and no fragrance so no distracting scent when your getting close to that special someone.

Grapeseed oil stimulates hair cell production (growth) while lowering the production of DHT (hormone that is linked to baldness and shedding) which contributes to different forms of alopecia. Also containing Linoelic Acid (derivative of the grapeseed oil) that if isn’t consumed in diet contributes to dry, brittle, scalp and hair and hair loss. So we have you covered in the in the key areas. Decreasing shedding and promoting growth. Our oil also contains Vitamin E that helps fight free radical damage, inflammation as well protecting the skin cells (scalp).
*All Wild Crafted Grapeseed Oil will be shipped with both a black sealed top to ensure none of that green goodness goes to waste and the clear dropper top with red seal for easy, effortless application.

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