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Ingredients:  Neem -antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-fungal and antibacterial (immune support)

 Neem has potent antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties by inhibiting viruses from reproducing/replicate minimizing the impact of the infection on the body ( Neem inhibits the growth of herpes simples virus, HIV, influenza, polio, etc ) clearing vaginal infections, sti's, healing from the inside out. Contains over 100 compounds which help heal the body and promote healthy living. Antiaging properties, supports bone health, removes toxins/free radicals, promotes hair growth, heals wounds and has amazing benefits to reproductive organs. 

Additional uses of Neem: Natural, organic non-hormonal herbal birth control from the earth providing amazing benefits that ranks it above all other natural birth controls and many branded birth control pharmaceuticals offered to women today. This herb offers potent spermicidal properties that can be utilized by both women and men offering a hormone free, zero weight gain, non-irritating mood interactive alternative. Lets discuss how it works and go in-depth on this herb..

Neem is also effective as a birth control for women by utilizing its extracts to alter the menstrual cycle phases, blocking ovulation by prolonging the phase in which implantation can not occur, thus eggs can not be fertilized. For men, this herb interferers with "spermatogenesis" by drastically reducing the amount, mobility and form  (morphology) of sperm, thus momentarily decreasing the quality of sperm needed to reproduce making it effective as a male contraceptive. These changes significantly reduce the ability to fertilize eggs. The biggest difference in use of Neem vs. pharmaceutical birth control is the advantage of not having to deal with side effects of hormonal mood swings ( lows and highs in mood and even irritability ) found with use of pharmaceutical birth control.  Neem does not contribute to weight gain, imbalanced hormones usually seem with use of pharm birth control. 

The beauty of this herb Neem is it provides ease on the body hormonally when discontinued use while showing no adverse side effects on the reproductive system. In fact the " birth control " benefits of this herb are completely reversible regaining fertility when usage is stopped. To restore fertility/become pregnant, stop usage for a period of 30 days for your system to reverse all " birth control " properties allowing the body to return to a fertile state encouraging pregnancy.



Can cause abortion and menstrual onset, do not consume if pregnant

      How to Use:

      Requires 4-6 weeks to become fully effective in the body, during this time use safe contraceptive methods to avoid pregnancy. After 6 weeks other contraceptive  methods aside from Neem can be discontinued. 

      For women take ( 1 ) pill daily or every other day with food until days of menstruation. During menstruation do not take daily dosage, halt until menstruation is completed and then continue with usage. This herb can also be tinctured into an oil providing the same birth control properties when applied post intercourse killing sperm in the yoni canal in as quick as thirty seconds.  

      For men take ( 1 ) pill daily or every other day with food. 




       Heal your body from within..because YOU know your body!


      This herb is NOT to be used if you are currently pregnant or during intercourse. 

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