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Valerian Root

Valerian Root

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*Mar Rose Raffine’s herbs come in 8oz (1/2pd) quarantines for our medicinal herbs is to be measured in tablespoon spoon quantities, as this is the amount that should be consumed for each dosage of medicinal herbs whether preparing a decoction or infusion for consumption. Our herbs have 16 servings per 8oz containers. Only one ( 1 ) tablespoon should be used of dried medicinal herbs per serving to 8oz of spring water

Valerian Root " Valeriana Walichii " - Improve Sleep, Promote Relaxation

Origin: China

Plant part used: Root

Processing: Cut & Sifted 

Agriculture: Organic 

Appearance and AromaDistinctive odor 

Flavor Profile: Very bitter


 Key Benefits

Natural potent antianxiety alternative , antidepressant, anticonvulsant and sedative 

Powerful natural sedative known for aiding in sleep disorders and insomnia and highly improve sleep quality (when taken 30 minutes to two hours before bedtime ) , adding hops (added benefits to improved sleep ( both being alternative to traditional medication that create codependency )

Relaxes and strengthens the uterus, and useful for PMS improves physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms

Menopausal relief, aiding in the reduction of hot flashes 

Muscle relaxant and joint pain relief

Targets depression, mild tremors and ADHD ( increase GABA levels which when deficient plays a role in anxiety, restlessness, and obsessive compulsive disorder common symptoms of ADHD

Stress management due to natural calming effects

Regulates blood pressure using GABA



Pregnant women should not use this herb. This herb should be used with extreme caution in heavy drinkers and and people with liver disease. Do not consume if planning to drive and/or operate heavy machinery. Avoid sedatives, alcohol, and antianxiety medication when consuming this herb. 



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