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Yoni Bas  (30 Suppositories)

Yoni Bas (30 Suppositories)

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IngredientsBoric Acid 600mg - natural mineral used for holistic yoni care

Yoni Bas contains the recommended 600 mg dosage of Pharmaceutical Grade Boric Acid an natural acidic, antiseptic mineral that is hypoallergenic with healing properties! Boric Acid treats, heals, eliminates all yoni infections while rejuvenating yoni tissue that is pH balanced, self cleaning/ lubricating, promoting good bacteria growth, a moister tighter yoni, zero odor and no pain or irritation. 

Our natural yoni suppositories promote a healthy, natural way to restore the proper acidic pH, helping to fight off all mild to chronic yoni infections naturally, every time, plus more! Get rid of bv, itching, odor, dryness and spice up your love life with a renewed moist, tighter, balanced, ready for whatever, whenever yoni. Often women struggle with recurrent intimate issues, that are the result of an unbalanced pH, but with Yoni Bas your worries are over!

Yoni Bas Treats, Heals and Eliminates:                                                  

  • Excessive Sweating
  • Yeast Infections/All Yoni Infections
  • Bacterial Vaginosis (Bv)
  • Persistent Dryness
  • Itching
  • Excessive or Foul smelling discharge
  • Pain or Irritation
  • Herpes Outbreak Relief
  • Yoni Imbalance from antibiotic usage
  • Odor
  • Odor during/post lovemaking
  • Diabetic medicine related Yoni issues
  • Foul Smelling Menstrual
  • Vaginitis
  • Promotes a balanced yoni environment for conceiving 
  • Diminishing of tightness 

     Yoni Bas Benefits:

    • *Lesser down time than yoni pearls and yoni steam ( Difference seen in 1st night use! )
    • Self Care/Yoni Detox
    • Moist/Juicier Yoni 
    • Tighter feeling Yoni
    • No Bv Infections
    • Post & Pre Pregnancy Detox
    • Perfect for the use of Vegans & Diabetics (natural and doesn't counter act with medicines)
    • No Yeast Infection
    • Enhances lovemaking
    • No Odor
    • No Odor during/post menstrual
    • Quick Results and Relief
    • Lesser/Diminished Herpes Outbreaks
    • No Diabetic related Yoni issues
    • Perfectly Balanced Yoni 
    • No excessive sweating, itching eliminated
    • No yoni issues while antibiotic usage

      Yoni Bas is gentle enough to be used regularly in women who have recurrent yoni issues, yoni pH balancing/maintenance to promote a healthy yoni area, self care, promotes tighter/moister feeling, odor/more than normal discharge, post/pre intercourse care, prevention of infections and or bad bacteria over growth while on medication/antibiotics and post and pre pregnancy detox and promoting an balanced environment for conceiving. 

      How to Use:

      With clean hands insert ( one ) suppository with one of our Yoni Bas Wands for 7 days at bedtime for current yoni infection/issue you're experiencing, if condition/infection persist continue for up to another 7 days nightly ( *for current yoni infections you must do an initial cleanse for 7-14 days, to ensure infection is treated ). Yoni Bas is recommended to be used at bedtime with a panty liner as while the cleansing magic is taking place a temporary increase/release of lubrication/discharge will follow after each insertion the proceeding morning after, creating a mild flush of fluid. This fluid should mimic and be watery in color and nature ( watery, clear, odorless fluid indicates no infection is present ), if results are not of this nature, another cleanse is needed as there may still be an infection/bad bacteria present

      In the event you are not experiencing an current infection/issue and are wanting to do quick-zero downtime yoni maintenance (*see Yoni Bas Benefits area for what qualifies as yoni maintenance ) insert ( one ) Yoni Bas suppository with our Yoni Bas Wand for a single night use at bedtime, some weekly, or monthly to restore/maintain an balanced pH, moist and tighter, odorless and infections free yoni.

       Heal your body from within..because YOU know your body!


      Yoni Bas is NOT to be used if you are currently pregnant, during intercourseduring cycles, do NOT orally consume. 

      This product is not FDA approved.

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